Who am I?


A father first and foremost

  • He ringa toi ahau, nō Te Tai Tokerau.

    I am a northern Māori artist lucky enough to work from my home with my beautiful wife and daughter. I typically make a living carving wood, stone, bone and skin(moko). This Kāri project took me well out of my comfort zone, translating my sketches into digital artworks and wrapping my head around photoshop just enough to design this custom deck of Māori themed playing cards was testing to say the least.
    I grew up playing cards with my family and friends late into the night and have always wanted to design a deck of my own. A deck that not only I can relate to, but my friends and family can connect with and enjoy as well.

    Nā reira, I hope that this deck of cards will bring as much joy and fun to you and your whānau, as playing cards brought to me growing up.